I lured BF into 24/7 D/s w/ Free-use Anal + Breastmilk

Tell about your own experiences with the anal only lifestyle.
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I lured BF into 24/7 D/s w/ Free-use Anal + Breastmilk

Post by PeachShaped » Thu May 27, 2021 9:54 am

I'm back from a long stress-induced hiatus. There's nothing sexy about struggling to keep yourself and your love provided for while the world burns, but we're back on our feet thanks to my man's tireless efforts. Honestly, we're better than ever. I've never been this happy despite the chaos that surrounds us. I am blessed on multiple levels. I've even begun lactating out of the blue. No, I'm not pregnant, and the doctor says I'm healthy. I'll chalk it up to extraordinary abundance and gratitude.

Last night I seduced D. We fucked for hours on and off between washing, lounging, and talking. While he was still high from the endorphins, I proposed a month long sexual experiment. See D likes passionate sex, prolonged with delayed gratification, as much as the next person, but since he works full time what he really needs are more quickies. We got into a brief spat last week about his request to skip foreplay before vanilla pussy sex. D usually does his due diligence towards my completion, but it's clear he just wanted to use my body on short notice that morning. I can accommodate that, just not in my pussy.

I quietly stretched my ass with graduating plugs for 3 days. Last night I did a big dab and took him to our bedroom. The following is an excerpt from my journal.

"Then we took a shower. I teased him at every opportunity. We got back to the bed and kissed and kissed. He pushed me onto my back and covered me, suckling my neck. I pulled his hand to my pussy. I asked him to finger me in that position. I'm pretty sure I came kissing him and being finger fucked to my g-spot. But I'm not sure because it's a blur. He fingered me again and again and again. I came and came. He let me suck his cock before he pulled me up. I rode him for a longer time tonight than usual. He massage my tits and sucked them as I thrust down onto his cock and back up, bouncing my tits into his face.

I was so wet that I kept slipping out. He moved me to my back, and then eventually I was moved into doggy where he pounded me hard. He pressed his belly into my back, fucking into my pussy while pulling me back into him by my breast. We nuzzled each other, and he came hard in my pussy. I asked him to fuck my ass if he had another one in him.

D oiled up and fingered me good. I asked him to work his cock in slowly. By the time he made his way down deep, I was thanking him for spanking my clit and pounding me hard. He came in my ass, and I plugged myself back up.

When he came back from the bathroom, I held up the oiled next step, the biggest plug. I've never done that before, ever. I was so proud when he slid the largest one we own in with minimal discomfort. (I'm still wearing it. His cum is safely nestled deep in my slutty ass.) Then he fucked me again.

After he left the room, I played with my tits. (My milk has only come in recently.) I discovered that rolling my nipples expresses the most milk. I couldn't contain my glee. I donned the dress that looks like a kimono. I entered the office and started to show D.

Just as I was exposing my right tit, D stopped me. He said he was truly done for the night. I assured him that I just wanted to show him what I learned. I massaged my breast and rolled my nipple, beading up milk on the tip. Then we talked about it. He said he was afraid he wouldn't like the taste. He asked me to let him taste it. I asked him to get it himself.

I showed him how to work my tit and squeeze my nipples just so. When that didn't work, I propped my leg on the side of his thigh and fingered myself under my dress while he sucked my essence. He abandoned thoughts of weariness and bodily limitations almost immediately. Then he took me again. Against the office wall. Pulling me by my hair into him. After he finished in me, he sat down naked and spent in his office chair.

"...maybe breastmilk is... ok."
"Uh-huh. Right. Just ok?" I laughed at his dazed expression. I sucked the soul of that man with my pussy and ass.

I asked him to take a photo of my plugged ass. That was when I asked him to play my game all month.

"Use my ass whenever you want. If I wear a plug all the time, you can lube up your cock and push right in. Fuck me like an object whenever you feel like it. I'll just edge until you're ready to use me. Cum in my ass and plug it inside me."

He hesitated.

"It's just... you spend all your life trying to respect women-"

"It makes me so wet. It defies logic and explanation. You have a very respectful manner outside the bedroom. Outside of sex I feel so respected. This is definitely just a game for me."

I love that that was his hang up. I just love him. I love that we can explore this together. He loves it too. Evidence of that love was dripping down my inner thighs for hours after.

And then he got hungry so I made him a snack like the good little domestic anal girlfriend I am. I look forward to being used again."

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Re: I lured BF into 24/7 D/s w/ Free-use Anal + Breastmilk

Post by FMF » Thu Jun 10, 2021 1:20 pm

"I lured BF into 24/7 D/s w/ Free-use Anal + Breastmilk"

As much as I love anal... It was the breastmilk, that stuff is amazing.

In fact it was the only thing my kids wanted to drink for the longest time. :D


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Re: I lured BF into 24/7 D/s w/ Free-use Anal + Breastmilk

Post by jack.fats » Wed Oct 27, 2021 3:44 am

He hesitated. "It's just... you spend all your life trying to respect women-"

Never been so true. I'm on the same page despite I wonder if there're some unattended anal GF
like you somewhere... and it ain't that easy.

Enjoy your boy, have a pleasant AOL with him!

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Re: I lured BF into 24/7 D/s w/ Free-use Anal + Breastmilk

Post by helloagain4737 » Thu Sep 22, 2022 12:22 pm

God damn, this is so hot. Thank you for sharing this. Need this in my life!

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