Loose pussy kink leading to Anal necessity

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Loose pussy kink leading to Anal necessity

Post by Rimmer » Wed Oct 18, 2023 7:25 am

As we weren’t using my wife’s pussy for piv, we started using big toys then began stretching it in order to start fisting. On certain other communities I have heard of people who have moved over to anal as they have stretched their pussy out so much that they and/or their man can no longer cum from piv. However, they love to be stretched and fisted so much that they are prepared to give up on piv and turn to anal. We were the other way around, we started stretching her pussy as we were AO and it didn’t matter if it got loose.
I know there is not much interest here for this sort of thing as it is somewhat off topic, but it is yet another way people are turning to anal.
Some people here cover the pussy up, some punish it with a whip! Some are into pussy denial, some love pussy but prefer to penetrate the anus, some like to observe an empty pussy as the ass gets pounded. Now I have found one or two who like to loosen the pussy so much that it can no longer feel a cock and a cock can no longer feel it; ruined and useless for piv, they turn to anal. For those of us that like to watch a resting pussy as the ass gets fucked, how about a loose ruined one, gaping open, staring back as you pump your cum into her ass. Anyone here into that sort of thing?

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Re: Loose pussy kink leading to Anal necessity

Post by Backdoorlover » Wed Oct 18, 2023 8:04 am

I would never ruin a pussy, cause I love it when a woman has a teeny like pussy, nicely closed, pretty closed lips. I love seeing my sweety’s clan shaved pussy while I fuck her asshole. It’s the way she’s meant to be used.

I also love it if she starts franticly rubbing her clit while her asshole get’s my cock. It makes me pound harder because it get’s her off much easier when I pound her ass.

So no bad word about the way you and your wife enjoybit.
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