inner sphincter tightness

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inner sphincter tightness

Post by nudelu » Mon Dec 17, 2018 2:26 am


I am very keen to up-size, however seem to have a few issues to overcome first.

First off is tightness about the inner sphincter.

I sit all day (unplugged sadly, due to an office environment), which after years I suspect has had adverse effects in this area.
When I play at home, I can get a 0.85" plug in fairly easily with only minor warm-up (slips right in with some lube, no stretch / stress).
However, when I try to go bigger (next one I have is a 1.1" Tantus Silk - medium) its rather taxing and I pay for it for a few days afterwards.
Getting past the outer sphincter is not too much of a challenge, with some lube and finger massage.
The challenge appears to be the inner sphincter (as once past this its smooth sailing).

I feel as though I carry a lot of tension in my glutes (which also translate to lower back pain).
I suspect this is perhaps the source of my tightness issue, but have not been able to figure out some effective methods of fixing this.
Changing jobs / de-stressing is not an option (stress is part of the job, not going to change careers at this point in time at least).

I am no stranger to manual labor, but have not been able to do gym work in some time (insert usual life hurdles here).
This said, I have been reading about "body weight fitness" and started to work up-to a routine (EG: doing some squats seems to help the back issue, but only just started).

Is this an issue others perhaps have overcome in this forum?
What are some good exercises / yoga forms to relax the area?

Ideal solutions would include something I can do independently and without a room full of specialty gear.

Thank you!
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Re: inner sphincter tightness

Post by analsexonly » Wed Dec 19, 2018 8:10 pm

I've always found that a combination of a good position that helps with relaxing anal muscles (squatting, in particular) along with gradually inserting the plug as far as it will comfortably go, holding there a moment, and pulling back out, then trying to go a little bit further in on the next stroke, until it gently slides inside without discomfort or pain, was a good approach to size up when otherwise struggling.

Pushing out with your anal muscles as if going to the bathroom also helps a lot, both just actively doing it while pushing inside, or applying steady pressure with the plug while sort of "pulsing" your muscles.

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